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Location:            Bangalore,  Karnataka, India 

Project Type:     Residential 

Area:                   3650 sqft

Completion:      2017

Project Team:   Gaurav Roy Choudhury, Arnaud Mathieu, Sushil Kumar,

                            Sachin Gujjar, Abhishek Pawar, Satyanarayan,

                            Stefan Fernandes

We were called in to visit the site in a well established central neighborhood of Bangalore after some construction had already progressed. The plinth was already in place with the columns raised till the lintel level of the ground floor. The site measured 40 feet in the west towards the Road and was 60 feet in depth. 

The Client, a young couple, needed their house to do two things; be dynamic, energetic, and hybrid to suit their lifestyles, whilst remaining comfortable, familiar and traditional for the husband's elderly parents living with them.  

These two separate and somewhat disparate ideas also needed to merge intrinsically, ensuring spatial integrity as a home.  

We began work using the existing structure and following the Client’s strict brief for Vaastu principles which dictated the positions of most of the spaces in the plan. We also wanted to make this house self- sufficient in terms of light and ventilation, since the neighborhood was already starting to see restructuring, where the old houses were giving way to high-rise apartments, leading to an increasing dearth of privacy, light, and ventilation.   

Since we had to rely heavily on top light, rather than the sides, we used the technique of levels to bring the light into all the spaces of the house. The levels were also used to unify and, in the same breath, divide the house.  

The Central Steel Space frame from the D
Street view from across the road
Close up of the tree in front, from the road
View of the Living from the Dining
Climbing up the stairs to the Mezzanine
The Gallery bench with the Den/Family behind
The Gallery with the Elevated Garden
Climbing down to the Den/Family
The Master Bedroom
The Master Bedroom facing the closet and the cut out
Crossing the Central Steel Space frame
Ambulating the stairs contained in the Steel Space frame
Sitting in the Central Steel Space frame
Detail of the Front Steel Space frame
Elevated Street View of the Front
The Dining Area with the Side Garden
Detail of the Dining Area with the Side Garden
The Tree Cut Out and the Closet Area in Master Bedroom
Detail of the Master Bedroom
The Tree Cut Out from the Master Bathroom
Bay Window overlooking Elevated Garden in the Master Bedroom
The Den/Family through the Central Steel Space frame
The Den/Family from the mezzanine Gallery
Steel steps of the Central Steel Space frame
Sitting on the Steel steps of the Central Steel Space Frame
The Central Steel Space frame from the Den / Family
The Central Steel Space frame and the Den / Family
The Central Steel Space and the toy train
Exiting the Central Steel Space as you walk down
Front Street View at dusk
The Tree growing though the Master Bedroom cut out at dusk
Elevated Front Street View at dusk
Street View as you approach from the North
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