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Location:            Kumara Park East, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 

Project Type:     Residential Interiors

Area:                   8000 sqft

Completion:      2016

Project Team:   Gaurav Roy Choudhury, Sushil Kumar, Sachin Gujjar

The clients who had bought two apartments in a beautiful central Bangalore neighbourhood asked us to make them their 'dream' House. The husband is a successful, exuberant, and outgoing businessman and the wife is a quiet, introverted, and gentle housewife. The Duality between their nature also manifested a duality in the brief given to us; grand and yet intimate; showy and yet humble; exuberant and yet restrained. The reality of one nature feeding the other also hit us, as they fed off each other having found a very relaxed equilibrium. The Dual House is an experiment in creating these co-existing and almost symbiotic dualities in space, in language, and in materials.

The language of the house became more intricate, as a play on duality as well as conscious effort to offset 'expensive' materials and replacing them by 'crafted' materials. This way, the high budget assigned to the house went to the right people; the artisans and the craftsmen. The entire language, therefore, was also crafted. The large spaces also warranted an intricacy in thought to take the experience of roaming in the house from the global to the momentary.

In terms of the materials, this duality is expressed in contrast of the soft and the hard, the strong and the weak, the light and the dark, the strong and the subtle, the ordered, and the organic. An example of this is the central 'dance' forms above the living room made with thick steel flats threaded with soft and delicate wood which embodies the joy within and between these contrasts. It is placed in the middle of the house as it acts as a sculpture in the round, a screen, and as it ties all the large public spaces together.

The Dual House is a crafted effort of creating a seemingly large, grand, showy, and exuberant house with its soul deeply embedded in being intimate, humble, and restrained. 

Low of from the Living Room.jpg
Symmetrical view of the Living Room from the lower floor
View of the Living Room from the bridge
View of the 'dance' in steel from the sit out area in the upper floor
View of the 'dance' as it screens the sit out area
The breakfast table in the Kitchen area
The Den at the lower level
View of the 'dance' as it wraps the cutout over the Living Room
The Study
The Guest Bedroom
The Guest Bathroom
The Master Bathroom
The Master Bedroom from the entry at sunset
The Master Bedroom from the window side
The Pooja Room
The Dining Room
Upper Level Plan
Lower Level Plan
The dance element
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