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Location:            Bangalore, Karnataka, India  

Project Type:     Residential Renovation and Interiors 

Area:                   2600 sqft

Completion:      2013

Project Team:   Gaurav Roy Choudhury, Sushil Kumar

The Frame House is a duplex apartment renovation project for a young couple and their daughter. The design process started even before the construction of the project starting enabling us to firstly, make customised changes as per the design and secondly and most importantly enabled us to get to know the clients better. The lull period of the project was used to discuss and dialogue and understand every grain of who they were. This was the first exercise, where we understood their liberal mindset and their take on life as a whimsical yet responsible experience. They had light-hearted humour which bound everything of various weights in their lives into congealed and euphoric sanity; one which the house had to transform into. 

The second space was the predefined apartment itself, which under the original design was dark and dramatic, with the only face deriving light (the north face) blocked. We opened up this side and shifted the cut out to take in this light and spread it around the house. 

We wanted the house to go the background, but yet have enough strength at a subconscious level to bind everything together. The objects, the rituals, the stories, and movements had to take the foreground and the house became a facilitator towards them.

All faces, heights, distances were measured and divided into an invisible parametric grid which would allow for the capture of this background. This parametric grid was overlapped with the volumes and the movements of the house and frames were derived. These frames were composed so that they could let every individual express themselves in the house. 

The Frame House is a contemporary social statement rooting itself in sensibilities questioning the formality of typologies that seem to plague our general housing today.

View from Entry
Staircase from entry foyer
Dining with the double height space
Dining with the raised courtyard in the background
Living Dining and the frames
Kitchen and breakfast counter
Raised courtyard and the staircase
Staircase from entry
Daughter's bedroom
Master Bathroom
View from raised courtyards
View from the staircase
Detail of Lamps
Lower Floor Plan
Upper Floor Plan
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