Location:            Thallagapura, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 

Project Type:     Residential

Area:                   4100 sqft

Completion:      2008

Project Team:   Gaurav Roy Choudhury


The Ghose Residence sits on the outskirts of a burgeoning Bangalore. It looks over a valley that was once a lake, and will soon become embroiled in construction activity. It sits pretty on a rocky hill, with ‘private’ greenery all reveling in the ‘new urban home’; one which opens up to recoil welcomes to fend off and builds to sustain. The dichotomy of our escapist urban premise is not lost on it.

The brick landscape wall wraps, protects, and earmarks the physical module, internalizing the private living spaces. It protects privacy from roads and the heat from the southwest. It rises, to ease shoulders, to mark the entry into the individual module. It rises from the earth.

The insular motif of the house and the contextual premise of escapism elaborates on its linkage with the outside. The upper floors transform into two tubes that reach and breach the brick wall to hover above the valley; in a symbolic gesture. The ends of these tubes are blocked. 

The brick landscape wall rises independently to the light frame of the tubes. The continuous glass gap represents their dichotomous symbolic relationship.

The Ghose house discourses on the independent module of living, which is sought by most urban upper class citizens. It elaborates on the divisions and the lines between perception and reality.

The house has greenery all around, leaving space all around to create a green buffer. It relies completely on natural light and ventilation. It harvests rainwater to try and preserve the ground level water which finds itself in continuous strain.

It models an existential module for the urban family.




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