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Location:            J.P. Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 

Project Type:     Residential Interiors 

Area:                   3600 sqft

Completion:      2012

Project Team:   Gaurav Roy Choudhury

An apartment is a typology mainly developed by the economy, developers and builders who benefit from the ease of standardization. We have accepted this standardization and allowed its connotations to affect our lives and lifestyles.

The Joint Family Penthouse is a look at breaking this standard plan-based typology and a search for room within it, for a step back into the formation of the house from its inhabitants.

The clients are a Marwari-Joint family of two brothers and, their respective wives and children, along with their parents. The site is a penthouse on the seventeenth floor of a building.

The intent is to break this typological context into a more personal and customized one. One which escapes from the stylistic and meaningless to the meaningful and pure.

The plan emerges from a slate wiped clean. All the walls were broken and repositioned. Cut-outs were made to join the floors and develop changes in the basic volume offered.

The main idea was the living, breathing and functioning of this family. The brother and their wives were given the upper level for its privacy and the parents and children were on the lower level with the dining, living and other areas. The children’s bedroom also served as a guest room. So they are tucked into individual bunk niches, which become their spaces in the house. From here, they access the upper level and the play area, all under their grandparent’s watchful eye.

The wives would spend most of the day on the lower level with the retired grandparents in the kitchen, living and dining areas. These become the public and social areas of the house. The staircase is fashioned in a way where it becomes a space for gathering and discussion, and also a vantage over the children’s play area.

The joint family penthouse, though an interior and renovation project, looks to ask larger questions than usually allowed by this brief; and in its bravery, it creates a confident, social cohesive that is consistent to its details as it is in its larger intent. The yellow wall, the wood and, the clear and minimal upstairs, each derived from the plural nature of the family members, coexist exactly like a family.

Entry wall unwrapping the kitchen, pooja and children's play area
Staircase overlooking the dining space
The cut-out integrating the upper and the lower floors.  (Courtyard - 1)
Staircase with the living room beside it
Staircase volume
Living room show-piece
Staircase with the living room beside it
Staircase as a family activity space
Staircase becomes a hinge for all social engagement
Staircase volume
Staircase with the living room beside it
The cut-out overlooking the dining space
View from the living room at night, with light flooding in from the cut-out into the dining space
The wooden screen wrapping the underbelly of the house
Viewing down from the cut-out with the wooden screen on one side
The kitchen entrance
The children's play area (Courtyard - 2)
Access from the play-area into their room
Children's bunk beds with access to the first floor play area
The family room, placed above next to the cut-out
The family room
The family room
The family room
Framing the family room from the bedroom inside
The parents' bedroom with balcony
Bathroom (1)
Bathroom (2)
Sectional Sketch_1
Sectional Sketch_2
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